Gabi-chan name is Gabi,i am 17 years old and i am from Romania!My blog is more about <3 Aoi <3(The Gazette's rhythm guitarist) which is also my Gazette is my favourite j-rock band.. i also like Naitomea,Screw,Moi Dix Mois,Matenrou Opera,12012,Royz,Mejibray,D=out,Dog in the pwo,Born,Unite,Fest Vainqueur,Grieva,AND,D.I.D,Kiryu,DIV,Crazy Shampoo..and others!I hope you enjoy my blog and if you follow me, thank you very much..ohh..feel free to ask me if you have something you want to know and and don't follow me just because I follow you,just follow me if you like my blog! Byeee! (^_^)

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